Motorcycle Maintenance

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Motorcycle MaintenanceAfter spending hours on the road, your bike is going to need some TLC(Tender Loving Care). To stay in tip-top condition and keep your rides safe from bike malfunction, you’ll want to perform regular maintenance and upkeep. There are some things that can be performed on your own, but there are also more complex issues, you’ll want a professional to take care of. For those repairs and checks, bring your bike to Lucky Penny Cycles in Bedford, Texas. We also serve Fort Worth, Arlington, and Irving.

Chains, Shafts, Belts

Your bike’s chains, shafts, and belts distribute the engine’s power to all the right places. Over time, you’ll want to make sure they’re all well lubricated so they’ll last and keep your motorcycle in good shape.

Take a look at your bike. Is your engine connected to the rear wheel with a chain? This means it’s chain driven and you’ll want to lubricate this chain regularly with a spray lubricant. Is your bike belt-driven? You’ll want to regularly inspect your belts for frays and tears. Either way, you should check the slack of your belts and chains to make sure they aren’t too tight or too loose


Your motorcycle should have two reservoirs for brake fluid, one for each wheel. Make sure both have the correct amount of fluid and fill them if they are low. You’ll also want to check your brake pads. Over time, these should wear evenly and you should replace them with plenty of material to spare. DON’T wait until they’ve nearly worn thin. This is very dangerous. Also, if your brakes are squeaking, grinding, pulsating, or doing anything out of the ordinary, take your bike to a shop for inspection.


Take care of your tires. You only have two of them and even the most experienced riders could find themselves in a wreck if there’s a blowout. You should own a tire pressure gauge to regularly check the pressure in your tires. They’re inexpensive and most likely stocked at an auto store or major retailer near you. And while you’re checking air pressure, take a look at the treads. They should be wearing evenly. Also look for bald spots or possible damage and replace problem tires before you ride again.


For efficiency, you’ll want to make sure your fuel filter is working properly and there are no clogs. Replace your fuel filter if you notice your bike sputtering or having a hard time starting. If you don’t intend to ride your motorcycle often, consider switching to a higher octane fuel to protect your bike from sludgy and corrosive ethanol-heavy fuel. If you’re storing your bike for a long period of time, look into fuel stabilizers.


Check your oil regularly (never go more than 2,000 miles without changing it). To do this, remove the dipstick, clean it off, reinsert it into the bike, and then note the oil level. If your oil is in good condition, but a little low, feel free to simply top it off. If your oil looks dark or sludgy, replace the oil and oil filter. If you see metallic shavings or powder, this is a sign some of your engine parts are grinding together and releasing material. See a mechanic.


As I’m sure you’re aware because of any cars you’ve owned, when your vehicle doesn’t start, you check the battery. This is true for your bike, too. If you see your battery is drained, you’ll need to charge it. If it still won’t start, you’ll probably have to replace it. If you drain your new battery in just as much time, get your alternator checked.

For storing bikes, remove the leads from the posts ahead of time so that the battery won’t drain while it’s not in use. Also, check the posts for corrosion. A simple solution of baking soda and water can easily remove this (use a toothbrush for easy application).

This may seem like quite a bit of regular maintenance, but we want to make sure your motorcycle runs efficiently and safely. Breaking down on a bike can be more dangerous than breaking down in a car so make sure you’re taking care of your ride. For those complex repairs or for more information on how to keep your bike running smoothly, visit Lucky Penny Cycles in Bedford, Texas.Our experienced staff is waiting to help you. We also serve Fort Worth, Arlington, and Irving.

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